High Carb Raw Vegan Fruitcakes


Two years ago, whilst looking through the virtual veganosphere, I became aware of the 10-dump-a-day narcissistic bikini bod diet .  Any vegan diet is by default most likely going to be low in fat and high in carbohydrates because that is the nature of fruit, grains and pulses; some nuts do have a high fat content; so do avocados which are healthy in moderation.  However there is no need to divide your carbs/fat/protein intake into a 80/10/10 ratio unless you really are a fruitcake!  Eccentric faddish diets come and go.  This particular ‘raw’ diet fad is vegan by default, but the motivations of those who have adopted it fit into that of Orthorexia Nervosa, with an added vanity aspect to it of taking selfies and posting them on the internet as a form of oneupwomanship, to say that I’ve got a better body than you.

Whilst the selfie craze is not unique to this diet fad, in this context it must have been influenced by female slebs who have adopted such diets, with their appearances in trashy magazines published by and for women, telling them how to obtain the perfect body.  Although as I’ve already put on my previous post, it can be snobbish and elitist to criticise someone for adopting a vegan diet for whatever reason, it would be folly to ignore the media influence of ‘vegan’ being equated with a faddish diet which could have serious health implications for anyone adopting it.  Those of us promoting veganism need to point out to the media that a sensible, balanced, vegan diet does not mean going to such extremes.  There is nothing wrong with desiring to have a ‘bikini body’, but if you do at least try to be rational about it.